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Metal baler wear phenomenon Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes


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Metal baler wear phenomenon

 It is unavoidable that wear and tear occur in the work of mechanical equipment because of the presence of friction. In order to make the equipment work, the presence of friction also causes wear between mechanical equipment. In metal balers, hydraulic balers and other machinery, equipment wear generally has two conditions. The normal wear of the equipment in normal operation, one is adhesive wear. Here's a brief introduction to these two phenomena:


1, normal wear. Abrasive wear within the design's permissible limits becomes normal wear of hydraulic waste paper packers. This kind of wear is generally in the initial stage. Because the new friction surface has a certain roughness, the real contact surface is small and the wear is relatively fast. This is called the run and stage. As the surface gradually wears out and the real contact area increases, the hydraulic baler gradually enters the normal stable wear stage. The wear of the friction surface is slight, and it is slow and stable.


2, adhesive wear. This wear refers to the fact that at the actual point of contact, due to the solid-phase welding, the material of the contact surface is transferred from one surface to the other, which is called adhesive wear. When solid-phase welding of a hydraulic baler takes place, the temperature at the actual contact point may or may not exceed the melting point.

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