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Baler Regular Maintenance Items

1, carefully check the lubrication points, fuel tanks, according to the instructions show that the lack of lubrication points through the 150-200 mesh metal filling oil lubrication and lubrication, according to the requirements of each machine. 2. Check whether the travel limit switch is in the correct position or adjust. Check whether the parts are found to be leak-tight, wipe or replace the oil seal 3, and clean the contents of the box after work to keep the equipment clean and beautiful.

    5. Without learning, the machine structure, performance and operating procedures must not be used without permission. 6. When serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomena occur, stop immediately, analyze the cause of the malfunction, and do not force the disease to undergo surgery. 7. During operation or packaging, the machine should not be repaired, it must not touch the moving parts, and the material should be applied to the material box with hands or feet. 8. Check the value range of each instrument. If the value is abnormal, replace it.

    9. Check heating and heating during operation. If the motor bearing or solenoid valve is abnormal, it needs to be repaired or replaced. 10. Inspect the clogging of the filter. If clogged, remove the parts to be cleaned. 11. Check that the non-contact switch is in the correct position and adjust if necessary.

    Strictly implementing the maintenance system and strictly observing the safety operation regulations are the necessary conditions for prolonging the service life of the machine, increasing the production efficiency, and ensuring safe production.

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